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OutChannel Class Reference

#include <outchannels.h>

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Detailed Description

the Output Channel class

Instances of the OutChannel class can be crieated via the method create_enc method found in the Stream_mixer class.

Definition at line 58 of file outchannels.h.

Public Member Functions

 OutChannel (char *myname)
 the OutChannel class constructor

virtual ~OutChannel ()
 the OutChannel class destructor

int create_ice ()
 Create a Shouter instance.

bool delete_ice (int iceid)
 delete a Shouter with ID

Shouter * get_ice (int iceid)
 get a Shouter instance with ID

bool apply_ice (int iceid)
 Applica la configurazione corrente.

bool connect_ice (int iceid, bool on)
 Connette o disconnette il server ID a seconda del flag.

 INT_SET (bps, _bps)

 INT_SET (freq, _freq)
 samplerate in Hz

 INT_SET (channels, _channels)
 channels (1 is mono, 2 is stereo)

 INT_SET (lowpass, _lowpass)
 lowpass in Hz

 INT_SET (highpass, _highpass)
 highpass in Hz

char * quality (float in)
 setup quality (wraps most useful modes)

unsigned int get_bitrate ()
 get the size of encoded audio in bytes

bool dump_start (char *file)
 Start encoding to a file.

bool dump_stop ()
 Stop encoding to a file.

virtual bool apply_profile ()=0
 apply changes to the parameters // INTERNAL USE, use Stream_mixer::apply_enc instead

virtual bool init ()=0
 pure virtual function (INTERNAL)

virtual int encode ()=0
 pure virtual function (INTERNAL)

virtual void flush ()=0
 pure virtual function (INVERNAL)

int shout ()
 strimma fuori l'encodato a tutti gli Shouter // INTERNAL USE by run()

bool dump ()
 scrive fuori l'encodato nel file // INTERNAL USE by run()

void push (void *data, int len)
 feeds the pipe for encoding // INTERNAL USE by jmixer.cpp carfudda()

void start ()
 start OutChannel thread

void run ()
 running loop called by start()

void lock ()
void unlock ()
void wait ()
void signal ()
void lock_ice ()
void unlock_ice ()
void destroy ()

Public Attributes

char name [128]
 name string of the encoder type (read only)

char version [128]
 version string of the encoder type (read only)

enum codec tipo
 codec type (read only)

bool quit
 set to true to exit the OutChannel thread

bool running
 if true the OutChannel thread is running (read only)

bool initialized
 if true all buffers have been allocated (read only)

Linklist icelist
 the Linklist of Shouter instances

float _quality
char quality_desc [256]
 string rendered to describe the quality of encoding

FILE * fd
 if non-zero a file is opened for dumping

char fd_name [MAX_PATH_SIZE]
 full path filename for dumping

Pipe * erbapipa
 Pipe instance to feed the encoder // INTERNAL USE by run().

bool encoding
 flag checked by run, (streaming||fd) ? true : false // INTERNAL USE by run()

int16_t buffer [ENC_BUFFER]
 buffer holding the encoded audio

Protected Member Functions

bool calc_bitrate (int enc)
 bitrate calculus

Static Protected Member Functions

void * kickoff (void *arg)

Protected Attributes

int encoded
 encoded buffer size in bytes

int bitrate
 bits per second

double now
 time now (for bitrate calculus)

double prev
 time previous encoding (for bitrate calculus)

unsigned int bytes_accu
 bytes accuracy

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool OutChannel::apply_profile  )  [pure virtual]

apply changes to the parameters // INTERNAL USE, use Stream_mixer::apply_enc instead

Used to activate the settings, after every change.

To be able to change the OutChannel settings on the fly while encoding thread is running you should never call this directly, but only thru the Stream_mixer::apply_enc method.

This is a pure virtual function, the implementation is defined inside the codec classes inheriting OutChannel.

true on success, false otherwise

void* OutChannel::kickoff void *  arg  )  [inline, static, protected]

arg  lock OutChannel main thread mutex

Definition at line 310 of file outchannels.h.

void OutChannel::push void *  data,
int  len

feeds the pipe for encoding // INTERNAL USE by jmixer.cpp carfudda()

data audio buffer to be encoded
len length in bytes of audio buffer to encode
  • int>0 = quantity of data pushed into the pipe
  • 0 = no need to feed in data: no encoding is configured
  • -1 = pipe locked, wait a bit

Definition at line 435 of file outchannels.cpp.

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